A warm breeze flows through the room as you and friends gather round a wooden table laden with food so aromatic you can almost taste it before it even reaches your plate. Laughter fills the air as you sip a robust red wine, its full-bodied flavors exciting the senses.

Ribbons of pasta with fresh basil and tomato sauce, marinated olives and a roasted rosemary leg of lamb fill your plate. Someone begins to tell the story of their grandmother's first kiss...

This is the Feast Vancouver Experience.

You don't have to travel the world to experience authentic cuisines, the joy of cooking and great conversation. Good food, friends and a welcoming table are the only ingredients needed for the celebration of life.

Feast Vancouver can help you to create this atmosphere at your own

table. We have designed a host of culinary programs that will help you discover the chef within, as you master the art of food preparation, train your senses and develop a passion for sharing your home and your experiences.

Dining is more than cooking or following a recipe... it's learning how to create an atmosphere where life, food and friends come together.

So why not join us? Try the Feast Vancouver experience Your meals will never be the same.